There are numerous types and causes of failures.  Below are just a small selection.

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Moisture followed by atmosphere are the most significant causes of failures with wood and resilient (vinyl) installations.  Carpets can also be affected by excessive moisture.




Wood - Solid, Engineered, Laminate & Bamboo

Apart from moisture and humidity, surface temperature can play a significant part in a failure.  

Other factors that cause failures are poor installation techniques and sub-floor preparation.

Textiles (carpets)

Carpet problems can be poor pattern alignment, gaps in seams, rippling / rucking, fraying edges or seams, pile reversal or pile pressure.  These are just some of the problems I come across.


Resilient (vinyl tiles and sheet)

Resilient installations fail most commonly due to moisture ingress, although when fully bonding, a lack of adhesive transfer can be factor.  With the innovation of click system tiles, these can fail due to a number of reasons. 

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