Gallery failed floors

These are just a few photos and descriptions of failed floors that I have come across. 

Finishing of wood flooring

Finishing with lacquer or oil can spoil if not applied correctly spoil a perfectly installed or re-finished floors.

Incorrect method of installation

British Standards and manufacturers instructions clearly state that there should be sufficient application of adhesive either in the join or when fully bonding to a sub-floor.

Poor sub-floor preparation

Preparing a sub-floor is a vital part of an installation.  I often see de-laminated soothing compound or screed that have not had the latance removed.  This is a common cause of failures. 

Incorrect application of smoothing compounds.

Very often a smoothing compound is not applied correctly.  There are number of reasons for this to many to comment on.

Carpet pattern alignment

All to often I come across patterns that have not been fitted in a straight line.  Installers often blame manufacturers but a considerable number that I have inspected have been due to a lack of experience and knowledge of the installer and sometimes trying to just roll out the carpet without using standard equipment to aid alignment.  Time constrains are often used an a reason!

Pile reversal and pile pressure.

Pile reversal and pile pressure are confusing.  Both are the result of the pile moving in a different direction (pile reversal) or flattening (pile pressure) causing light to reflect off the surface at different angles.  The result is an unsightly appearance.  Some can be recovered.