Inspection and report information

Costs on request

John Roberts, agrees to provide witness services as an expert in the field of the installation of floorcovering and sub-floor preparation, in accordance with instructions received from the client, and in accordance with the terms of engagement as set out below.  Covering the UK and Europe.

My background knowledge, and expertise in the preparation of sub-floors, and installation of all types of floorcoverings, as well as training and assessing installers and sales personnel, gives me a good practical background when investigating the situation.

Once all of the evidence has been investigated and evaluated, a report is produced, including photographic evidence outlining my findings, summarising these points, ending with a conclusion.  Solutions can be included if requested. 

Investigations and reports can be carried out as an onsite or desk top investigation, with either a Standard  or CPR 35 (Civil Procedure Rule 35) Report.   Investigations and reports can be commissioned by consumers, solicitors, manufacturers, insurance companies, retailers etc. or by a court order and can be commissioned as a single or joint instruction.

I inspect the following for installation and or manufacturing defects, in domestic or contract locations:

Wood - Solid, Engineered - Laminate - Bamboo

Resilient - Vinyl, Cushion Floor, Solid Sheet Vinyl including Safety Flooring, Vinyl Tiles, click or fully bonded - Rubber - Linoleum.

Textile - Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Needle Punch

Sub-floor Moisture - Moisture including monitoring screed drying and equilibrium balance between products and areas- atmosphere - Building and landscaping in relation to moisture. 


Standard reports can help to resolve disputes without the need for litigation (court action). 

CPR 35 reports are commissioned where litigation (court action) has started or if there is a probability that court action may be required.  These reports are written in accordance with the CPR 35 rules.

Inspection and Standard Report.

I Carry out a thorough on site inspection which may include invasive investigation to evaluate the preparation of the sub-floor, moisture and adhesive application.  Invasive investigation is only carried out with the permission of the client.  I will not be responsible for reinstating the floor areas where invasive investigation has been undertaken and will not be liable for any cost to reinstate the area. I will however do my best to make these areas safe or to advise my client to cordon off the area until a contractor can be employed (by my client) to make good the area(s).  The investigation will evaluate all relevant background information, including checking the evidence against specifications and relevant standards such as British Standards, Manufacturers technical data sheets and Installation instructions, to enable me to fully investigate the situation.

CPR 35 Inspection and Report.

The inspection is carried out to the specification as above, but will be written to CPR 35 rules.

Desktop Report

The investigation will evaluate all relevant information including background information that is sent to me, including checking the information against specifications and relevant standards such as British Standards, Manufacturers technical data sheets and Installation instructions, to enable me to investigate the situation.  These reports can be written as a Basic report or to CPR 35 rules.

All reports and photographs are sent electronically in PDF format for ease and speed.  Printed copies can be requested at a cost.